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Who We Are

Ungermans (Packaging Solutions) is an independent professional company offering a direct factory platform specializing in the manufacturing of high-end packaging for the consumer package goods industry.


We deliver innovative, reliable, cost-efficient solutions in all areas of primary and secondary packaging for leading brand owners, retailers, and advertising agencies. Historically we have played an important role within the Cosmetic, Liqueur, Chocolate, Candy, Jewelry and Gifting industries.

Factory direct services integrating creative, technical, and commercial aspects of packaging and project management into a single comprehensive service offer.


We have a strong historical reputation working closely with our client’s brands, delivering cutting edge, high quality packaging and services all directly manufactured in our factory located in Shanghai China.


Our full-service process is customized around our client’s needs. Each aspect of our printing and packaging process is carefully executed with the client’s unique vision in mind. At Ungermans we guarantee 100% quality and provide many alternatives for materials, technical expertise, processes and applications to suit any project.





Ungermans provides exceptional experience across every industry sector, and collaboratively works with leading brands and a wide variety of manufacturers to deliver packaging to their targeted markets. We can point to a consistent record of success delivering cost savings and on time delivery.

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