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Sustainability Policy



Ungermans Packaging Solutions recognizes that in the process of delivering high quality, affordable products and services, we have the responsibility to deliver sustainable and socially responsible products. We believe that current and future generations deserve the opportunity to live in a world where the environment is healthy and natural resources are abundant.


The goal of conducting business in a sustainable manner is a lofty goal. In order to offer products and services that are environmentally responsible and the best in the field, Ungermans Global Solutions remains fully committed towards a sustainable model.

Conserving Resources
  • Reducing waste and preventing pollution

  • Avoiding/eliminating materials of environmental concern

  • Being mindful of and taking actions to improve the entire manufacturing cycle


  • Communicating our vision of sustainability to employees, clients, and suppliers

  • Understanding and communicating the rapidly changing sustainability issues and laws within each country

  • Proactively & closely working with raw material supplier partners who support this Sustainability vision and encourage continual improvement

  • Seeking eco-friendly solutions and overcoming challenges, moving us toward greater sustainability

  • Measuring performance to evaluate progress towards sustainability and aim for continual improvement

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