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Make Smarter Decisions Through Intelligent Sourcing

First things first;


  • Every new item starts with a pilot run and product testing before mass production to confirm that we have met our customers’ expectations.

  • Min/max range boards and sign-off samples are important to confirm expectations for quality. 

Quality Objectives
99% On-time Delivery

Our goal is to achieve on-time delivery for at least 99% of our warehouse shipments every month of every year.


Quality Assurance Services

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control team evaluations includes:

  • Incoming material controls

  • In-process quality control

  • Final inspection process.

Positively Impacting Profitability:


At Ungermans we strive to deliver a meaningful impact on our customer profitability: This goal includes a comprehensive and systematic cost of goods analysis designed and structured to improve packaging productivity


Final Inspection
  • All shipments are inspected by our quality-control inspectors and compared against the factory’s own quality control data.

  • Final inspection reports are completed and signed off for each production run prior to shipment.

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